Sunday, July 25, 2010

Nursery in progress

We have been working on the nursery this weekend.

I am waiting for this bedding to arrive.

And this crib.

It's a Boy!!

I have always wanted a little girl, so when we saw (without a doubt) that I am carrying a boy I was surprised. The doctor told us that he was very healthy and that I am in the lowest risk category possible, but I still felt tears welling up. In my head I was saying "if you cry because you are not having a girl, you are a jackass. you have a perfectly healthy baby." So I did not cry. It is not that I don't want a little boy, it was just that I needed some time to adjust my vision of my child. When you spend so long picturing your little girl with bows and dresses, and you have more hormones than you know what to do with, it's kind of like losing something to find out that she's not going to be arriving at the end of the pregnancy.

Keith was smiling more than I've ever seen him smile. We left the office and I began the mass texts and phone calls. By the time I called my friend Kristin the tears were about to fall. So we ate dinner and talked about our little boy. By the time we left the restaurant I was happy. We have been working on the nursery and creating a registry. I'm very excited to meet Jackson Keith Boddie in January!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 weeks

I can still wear my cotton shirts from before, no button ups though. I am still wearing my pants with the Bella Band. It's hard to know if I'm too big, too small, just right so I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hygiene takes a hit

Many things in life change when you become pregnant. You can't drink alcohol or caffeine, no fish, no undercooked meats, and the list goes on. I knew that working out was going to be harder and that I probably wouldn't handle the Atlanta heat as well as before. I was even prepared for a little morning sickness. What I was not prepared for was a fetus that hates good hygiene. I end up throwing up almost every time I brush my teeth or take a shower. I can somewhat understand the teeth brushing, I mean it does involve my mouth/gag reflex. I do not, however, understand what it is about the shower that makes me sick. I think that it might be the heat combined with bending over to dry my feet/legs.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hawaii Recap

Hawaii was a great vacation! It is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life. We stayed at Milolii, a small village at the bottom tip of the big island. It is on the Kona side of the big island. Kona is the "sunny" side of the island, it doesn't rain very much there so the landscape is mostly lava without many trees or plants. So our landscape looked mostly like this.

Down in the fishing village there was a trail to a black sand beach. It was absolutely beautiful. Most days we were the only people there. On our final trip there Keith was snorkeling and saw a large shark!
We took a dolphin swim trip. I got really sick but Keith had a fabulous time. He took a lot of pictures, some turned out really well. I did have the opportunity to see a few dolphins and get pretty close to them before the sickness set in. It was really amazing to see them so close up!
We took a few trips to the other side of the island. This is the Hilo side. It is the home of the volcanoes, and is much more tropical. This side gets more rain and looks more like the Hawaii you see on TV.

This is me in front of a giant crater left behind after a volcanic explosion.
This is Keith in the lava tube we walked through.
We hiked a little to this waterfall. It was really beautiful.

The final highlight of our trip was the Luau we went to on our anniversary. It was very fun and something everyone should do if they have the chance. It was hard to get good pictures in the low light but I'll post a few.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Good news came today. I went in for the screening for Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, and other chromosomal disorders on Tuesday. I got the call from the doctor today that all is well. She said I have the health age and risk factors of a 20 year old. I just wish they knew if I am having a girl or not :)

I thought my sickness had subsided but it reared its ugly head again yesterday and today. I threw up in the kitchen sink last night, rinsed my mouth, and continued to cook dinner. I think I deserve a medal! I think all pregnant ladies do, this is the best experience of my life but I don't think I really understood how hard it was going to be.