Sunday, August 7, 2011

Meet Mr. Neb

Mr. Neb is our new nebulizer. Monday was my first day back at work. Keith was going to feed Jackson and take him to daycare. When I got him up and dressed I noticed that he was wheezing but I just thought it was from the cold he had for a few days. I guess it got worse after I left, because Keith called me and said Jackson was having an asthma attack and couldn't breathe. Of course I freaked out and started crying. I found my principal and she could tell that something was wrong. I explained the situation and she let me leave work. We took Jackson to his pediatrician who told us that he could probably continue breathing that way for a few days before he would just get tired and go in to respiratory arrest. That is information we could have done without. My dad came down to watch Jackson so he wouldn't have to go to daycare with the breathing machine.

My dad left on Saturday morning and Jackson is doing much better. We didn't have to do any breathing treatments today and he is back to his normal happy self. I am so thankful that my baby is okay. This week was so stressful.