Saturday, October 15, 2011

fabulous fall

Jax is 9 months old and more fun than ever! At his 9 month check up he was 28 inches and 18 pounds. He's a little small, but otherwise perfectly healthy. He has one tooth, which just showed up. He didn't really have any teething symptoms so hopefully the rest come in just as easily. He eats all kinds of things now. He loves tofu and berries. Some doctors said not to do berries until age 1 and others said go for it. So I went for it and he hasn't had any adverse reactions so all's well that ends well. He can crawl at lightning speed, cruise around the furniture, stand without holding on for a few seconds, and climb the stairs. That's right, he climbed up two stairs and then fell down yesterday. We already have 3 baby gates, but I guess we'll be adding a 4th. He also enjoys climbing over the protector we built for our fireplace and just hanging out on the hearth. I don't think we'll be building many fires this year.

We took him to a pumpkin patch last weekend. We went on a hayride and he just stared at the tractor the entire time. I don't think he quite knew what it was. I only had one objective for this trip- to buy a pumpkin big enough for Jackson to fit in. I found just the pumpkin and the results are below.After I took Jax out of the pumpkin I carved this Yoda!