Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Camera

We ordered a new camera to take pictures of the baby when he comes. We don't have a car seat, a baby tub, or diapers but we have a camera. Clearly we have our priorities in line. The new camera is pretty cool. It has a special setting for child portraits, which is great because I am a point and shoot kind of girl. Since we don't have a baby yet we have been trying out the other settings.

The food setting:
These cupcakes were voted the best cupcakes in Atlanta. I bought 12 for $29. I do not know who voted in this contest. I make cupcakes that are 100 times better. So if you're in Atlanta don't stop at Sweet Pockets for overpriced cupcakes.

This is another really exciting thing to take a picture of: homemade pizza. It was good but I wouldn't normally take a picture unless I wanted to try out a new camera setting.

The pet portrait setting:

Caesar the chihuahua. He was good for the first 7 pictures I took.

Then he started ignoring me and eventually hid behind the couch.
This is Brewster the mutt we got when someone found him wandering in a campground.

This is the strangest face I've ever seen a dog make.

I'm hoping to borrow some kids this week from my friends and try out the child setting on them :)