Monday, November 15, 2010

coolest thing since sliced bread

What could it be, you ask. Why it's Shutterfly, which is basically my favorite invention ever. I have loved Shutterfly for years. You can just share pictures if you want or you can order prints to be delivered to your house or a local Target. You can make photobooks, which I am obsessed with. I made one for our wedding and then duplicated it in a smaller size and gave them to people as gifts. I seriously have about 10 photo books from Shutterfly. I also used Shutterfly to make our Save the Dates for the wedding. It was so easy and they turned out really pretty.

You can also make really cool personalized calendars to give as gifts or keep for yourself. I am already planning to make baby Jackson a calendar model next year :)

Well the folks over at Shutterfly have decided to bless bloggers with 50 free holiday cards. I am planning to send out our holiday cards soon. This year they will also be serving as mementos of our pregnancy for family and friends who haven't gotten to see the bump grow. I am really excited about them. I am planning to use this design, because pregnant ladies are supposed to "glow":
But there are so many fabulous ones to choose from on the website that you can find one to fit any style.

I also really like this design
which you can find here.

So if you are a fellow blogger who also loves Shutterfly or you just want to give it a try now is the perfect time! For more details about the 50 free cards visit the Shutterfly site here.

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