Wednesday, July 20, 2011

random stuff

When Jackson hit the 6 month mark I think I finally felt like my old self. It really took that long for the fog to lift and to be recognizable as my self. I finally felt like exercising again and have been doing this dreaded DVD from pre-pregnancy:

Align CenterI still don't look like Jillian, but at least my size 4 jeans are fitting again with only a slight muffin top.

Last week I made some fun little onesies for Jackson. I found a technique using freezer paper as a stencil and had a fun crafting afternoon with my friend Kristen (mom of twins).

This week I had jury duty. On Monday I had to report at 8am. I didn't get to leave until 3pm. Luckily they didn't select me to be on the jury but I still have to call in every night to see if I have to report. I saw some interesting people in the jury assembly room. The most notable was a former gang member who, when asked if he had ever been threatened with a weapon, responded that he had brass knuckles, bats, guns, and knives pulled on him in his banging days. He did not get selected either. I also found it puzzling that in a room of 300 chairs and 250 people some people chose to sit in the aisle seat in rows of 12 chairs and then had the nerve to be annoyed as people filed past them. Common sense would dictate that since we all have to be here all day one should either move all the way down or accept that others will have to cross over you.

And finally the most exciting news of the week: I saw Britney Spears in concert on Sunday.
It was a great show and I had decent seats. I know that it is embarrassing that I'm almost 30 and still attended this show but I've seen all the other tours and even with her craziness I still love Britney. I feel sorry for her and can admit she's really not a good singer, but I still love her. I was really appalled by the opening act, though. I have never heard of Nicki Minaj and probably for good reason; all of her songs are terrible. I couldn't understand the words and what I did understand were cuss words. It really hit me that I was the old lady at the concert when all the teenagers were singing along to these terrible, offensive songs and I was just standing there in horror waiting for Britney to come on.

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