Sunday, January 15, 2012

long December

December was full of fun. We went to Illinois to visit family and friends. Jackson was such a good boy in the car. Jackson's pile of gifts began during our visit. He got gifts from both his grandparents and my grandma plus a few family friends. I was worried that it wouldn't all fit in the car on the way home!

Jackson's first Christmas was so much fun. He liked opening presents, more for the paper than the gifts inside. I got him a little kitchen with sorting shapes, my dad was appalled and bought him a little workshop with a hammer and nails that make noise. I think some of the most famous chefs are men, and it's never too early to start practicing!

He especially loved gifts that came with tissue paper. He would tear off a little piece then walk around waving it in the air. We opened gifts here then went over to Keith's parents to meet up with his whole family. It was a great day.

The day after Christmas I took down the tree and began the preparations for Jackson's birthday. Keith said we should have called it "Jackson's Super Sweet 1st Birthday" and had MTV film it. It was such a cute party, even if I say so myself. I know that he won't remember it, but I feel like the 1st birthday is more of a celebration for the parents for making it through 365 days with a new human :) I made Jackson's cake and his banners. I used my Babycakes maker to put blue polka dots inside the cake. Jackson didn't eat any of his cake but he had a blast playing in it!

After both of these celebrations we had more toys than we knew what to do with, most of which made noise! I packed up a big box of toys and put them in the garage to bring out later when Jackson gets bored with what we have in the house.

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  1. It makes me sad that I will always be around for Hudson's birthday, but not Jackson's. I hope Jackson know we love him just as much!