Monday, July 27, 2009

Extreme Makeover Bedroom Edition

So yesterday we decided to paint the ceiling in our bedroom with a paint sprayer that my dad gave us. He gave us everything except the instruction manual. First we carried out all of our furniture, covered all the windows in paper, and covered the carpet with drop cloths. So then we put it all together and turned it on and paint spilled out all over the floor. We turned it off and cleaned it up, made some adjustments and tried again. This time paint sprayed out the back of the gun instead of the front. Finally, about an hour later we got it working and it only took about 5 minutes to spray the whole ceiling. The actual spraying took far less time than the set up and search for the online manual.

Now we had a sort of "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" situation going. Since we had sprayed the ceiling and gotten paint on the wall, we decided we needed to paint the walls. We used the sprayer to put on the primer. So now it's time to clean the sprayer. Again, we have no manual, and we can't take the laptop outside to look at the one online, so it's a guessing game. We did not hook it up right and paint/water sprayed all over me. My face and body were covered in white spots. I wish I had taken pictures but all I could do was stand in the driveway and laugh. Together, Keith and I finally figured it out and got it cleaned out.

Now since the walls are primed, we have to paint them. I go to Lowe's and get a sample of blue and a sample of green. We don't like either. Back to Lowe's for another sample of green, which we liked. So today we painted the walls with rollers because we were not about to tackle that sprayer again.

Overall it turned out well. A little painting adventure is always fun and a good reminder of why it's important to choose the colors you like and never, ever paint over them.

Maybe I should have moved the TV wire before taking the picture :)

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  1. Your bedroom looks really pretty! You did a great job :)