Friday, July 10, 2009


We just got back from vacation. It rained almost every day so I named it raincation. We still had fun but we didn't get to spend as much time at the beach as I would have liked. We did, however, get to read several old magazines that other guests had left in the house. I read some US weekly magazines from 2008, it's funny to read about how in love celebrities are one year later knowing that the relationships didn't work.

Keith and my dad ate oysters non-stop while we were there. Apalachacola is known for its oysters so they ordered them at restaurants and then hatched a plan to get some to take home. They went to the dock where the oyster boats were and asked one of the fishermen if they could buy some oysters from them. Well the oyster-men aren't allowed to sell them so they directed us across the bay to a little shack. Once inside the shack we found that we could buy 60 pounds of oysters for $25. So being that we now had 60 pounds of oysters someone had to cook them. I hate oysters. I think they stink and look disgusting, but I had the pleasure of steaming oysters every lunch and dinner for 3 days. If I never steam another oyster, I will be happy.

The sun finally came out on Thursday. I made sure to put my SPF 55 on my face and my 45 everywhere else. I even re-applied around 11. Apparently I missed a good sized area on my chest and, since Keith had already gone back to the house, my back didn't get any the second time around. So even though it rained most of the time I still came home with a sun burn.

All in all a great vacation. Keith goes back to school for 3 weeks starting Tuesday and I have 3 more weeks before I go back to school.


  1. It looks like you guys had fun despite the rain. I'm not sure where you were. What state?

  2. We were in St. George Island, Florida. It's on the Gulf side. It is very peaceful, all houses no big condos or hotels. We have been there the last 2 summers.