Thursday, August 12, 2010

First grade and Michael Jackson

I've been in school for 4 days now. I'm teaching first grade this year and I am so happy to be back with the younger kids. My class is really sweet, most of the time.

These are the highlights so far:

Mrs. Boddie why are you having a baby? How did it get in there?

Justin Bieber is dead. Me: No he's not don't say things to scare people. Kid: Why didn't he die?

The following day: Well if Justin Bieber isn't dead Michael Jackson is.

Mrs. Boddie what are you naming your baby? Me: Jackson Kid: Oh, like Michael Jackson. Me: Yeah, just like that.

Do you want your baby to be a boy or girl? Me: He's a boy, I already told you that. Kid: Oh, I just thought you might want a girl.

So as you can see they seem to be fixated on my baby and Michael Jackson! We'll see what the rest of the year brings. For now I am worn out everyday but very happy to be with such a fun group of six year olds.

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