Friday, August 20, 2010


This week marks the halfway point in my pregnancy. I can't decide if it has gone by quickly or slowly. Sometimes it seems like I just found out and other times it seems like I have been pregnant forever. I keep thinking that I'm over my sickness but just when I tell someone I'm feeling much better I throw up the next time I brush my teeth. So I'm not going to jinx myself anymore. I refilled my Zofran today after dry heaving and almost peeing my pants at school so at least if I feel sick I'll have my saving grace.

I keep saying that I need a baby book to document all the things that are happening in my pregnancy. I guess a blog will work too. I started to feel hunger like nobody's business around week 17/18. Like literally I would be fine and then be so hungry I would sell my soul for some food, within seconds the transformation occurred. I started taking lots of snacks to school for just such disasters, and it's been pretty well under control since then. I have also noticed a change in my belly button. I have always had a really deep belly button, now it looks like a normal shallow one. I am wondering how long it will be before it pops out all together.............

Around the time of the intense hunger my belly also seemed to pop out. Coincidence? Probably not. So at my 20 week appointment my doc, well not my normal one but one of the men in the practice, said I had gained more weight than he wanted me to. I thought, "really because you don't actually know me, so how did you know before meeting me how much weight you wanted me to gain?" Also he said to drink more water and eat less fruit. I have been drinking more water. As far as eating fruit goes, I'm hungry pretty much all the time so I can either eat an apple or a pizza and I'm still choosing apple.
Here is a picture of my fruit eating belly:

Pretty scary!

My first graders provide a lot of laughs related to my pregnancy. This week I heard:

two kids talking about teachers they know, both of them are in my class. One boy listed a few teachers and the other said, "what about Mrs. Boddie" reply: oh yeah 1st boy again "what about her baby" reply: Yeah and her baby too

"I hope that baby is a boy so I can tickle him on the stomach"

I was carrying some papers and apparently resting them on my belly. The papers left tiny little paper shreds all over my dress so I was trying to wipe them off and one my kids said, "is your baby itching?"

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  1. You look too cute! I can't believe you're already halfway. Don't worry....I too ate TONS of fruit. It was my one major craving. I guess it's better than craving cheeseburgers! ;)