Sunday, September 5, 2010

a shameful admission

Today I decided to clean out our fridge. I am ashamed to say that I threw away a garbage bag full of food. As I was reading expiration dates and purging old items I started thinking about how bad it really was that I was throwing out all this food. When I was little I remember people saying, "there are starving kids in China who would love to have that food" and I just ignored them. But there really are starving kids and adults all over the world and I'm throwing away food.

You should know that we try to save money in every way possible. We have new windows, new furnace, and new insulation to save on electricity and gas bills. We use Netflix to save on movie rentals. We clip coupons. We shop at outlet malls. (Now I will admit that most of this is because of Keith, he is the saver and I'm the spender. ) Keith Boddie does not like to waste money!

But now with a baby coming I have been trying to be more conscientious about spending, asking myself if I really need things before I buy them. I am good at this everywhere except the grocery store, and Target but that's another story. I am Kroger's favorite shopper. Those 10 for $10 deals get me every time. I don't really need a box of macaroni noodles but for $1 I might use them, Campbell's soups on sale for $1 better stock up. So we end up with a fridge and pantry full of unused items that I just had to buy. I think that I have enough canned soup to last a life time. We don't really even eat canned soup! So I made a list today and actually bought only what was on it, except for 2 things but I am really going to use them. I also decided to whip out my phone and add things up as I went so I could actually see what I was spending. I spent about half what I would have normally spent!

We have had conversations with friends in the past about grocery spending, because that's how exciting we are, and it is always determined that the Boddies spend more at the store than almost everyone else. Now I know why, I'm throwing it away three weeks later. So from this day forward Kroger will not be tricking me with their fabulous 10 for $10 sales, I am making a list and sticking to it!

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