Monday, September 13, 2010

the wonders of pregnancy

I finally started feeling well enough to not take Zofran every day around 20-21 weeks. I thought that the toilet hugging was behind me and life was going to be grand. Fast forward to last Tuesday, 23 weeks, at lunch. I was sitting with some teachers in a classroom eating my lunch and feeling great. All of a sudden I knew I was going to throw up. I got up to head to the bathroom and calmly said, "I'm going to throw up" well apparently that calmness didn't relay to the others how immediately I was going to throw up. I told one of them to give me the trash can and she said, "it's right there" I was like "I can't get it" so then she realized that I was in fact going to throw up right then and gave me the trash can. I threw up in the trash can as I walked down the hall to the bathroom and then projectile vomited my lunch (spaghetti) all over the toilet in the staff bathroom, my dress, my whistle, and my lanyard. So here I am surrounded by spaghetti with tears streaming and a dirty dress. I wiped the toilet the best I could, thank God the custodian was already on her way in to do her scheduled cleaning, cleaned my dress, threw away the whistle and lanyard, threw away the trash bag from the little can, and headed out. I passed 3 people who looked at me like they had seen a ghost and asked if I was okay. By this time another teacher had brought my kids back from the lunch room so now I'm surrounded by 22 1st graders who are expecting me to entertain them. I buzzed the front office and an AP came to my room. I explained that I needed to go home and change because I had thrown up on myself. She let me leave and I was back within 20 minutes in a clean dress. It was not the best day and I think it will be a while before I eat spaghetti again!

In other news Jackson is kicking away like a soccer player. Last night Keith was listening to my belly with a stethoscope and every time he put it on the baby would kick really hard in that exact spot. It was really funny and felt very strange. I have also started having heart burn. I have never had it in my life but I quickly became friends with Berry Tums and it's not so bad.

Today my doctor said my weight is good and everything looks great. I go back in two weeks for a glucose test and a shot. Since I have A- blood I have to get this injection now and then take some medicine after he is born to make sure I don't make any antibodies that could cross the placenta in future pregnancies. Fun!

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