Thursday, January 27, 2011

and that's when the shit hit the fan

It didn't actually hit the fan but it did hit pretty much everything else. I spent 3o minutes this morning cleaning up baby poop! I did not plan out how to get it cleaned up very well before I started so I ended up with a huge mess. Jackson pooped out of his diaper all over his back and his onesie. Obviously I needed to take off his clothes to begin clean up so as I took off the onesie I got poop all over his little back and the blanket that was on his changing table. Now I needed a way to wipe him off, so I thought I would just put him in his little tub but how to get a poop covered baby from the changing table to the tub was the next problem. So I wrapped up the poopy baby and clothes in the blanket and came downstairs to the tub. At this point he was still wearing the diaper because I had forgotten to take it off upstairs. I got the diaper off and in the garbage and put the baby in the tub. I finally managed to get him turned cleaned off in the tub and then re-dressed him but then I had poopy clothes, blanket, and baby tub to clean. Jax didn't want to sit by himself in his swing so I strapped him in the baby carrier and began the cleaning process with a baby hanging on my chest. I guess all's well that ends well and the outfit came clean but it was quite the adventure this morning!

This is the cute little outfit, just before the poop explosion

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