Monday, January 10, 2011

A Historic Day

Today was an event in Atlanta. We had 7 inches of snow in our yard, according to Keith's measurements. Keith got to stay home with Jackson and me. It was nice to have a long weekend with our little family. He is delayed until 10am tomorrow and may not have to go in at all. All of the schools were closed today, and most have already canceled for tomorrow. The street in front of our house is covered in ice, and I'm sure most of the side roads are.

The weight of the snow broke our umbrella. I guess we should have closed it.

Keith shoveling the snow with a piece of wood. I had a snow shovel from my college days in Michigan but he threw it out a few years ago since we would never need it :)
Keith sledding on a boogie board from our Florida vacations.

I had to get at least one photo of Jackson in the snow to document the "blizzard of 2011" for him.

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