Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stupid comments about being pregnant

I should start this by saying I don't normally have a lot of patience, pregnancy takes whatever I started with and cuts it in half. EVERYTHING annoys me. So with that said...

I get that it is hard to find the right things to say when someone announces they are pregnant. It is a joyful announcement but also an admittance that, yes, you had sex (probably more than once). So I can appreciate that some people might feel a bit awkward and not know what to say. But the next person that says, "you know what causes this" is likely to get punched. I just don't think it's a funny comment, clearly I know what causes it and I don't think I need to lay out a detailed explanation of how this baby came to be. This is my 2nd child, not my 20th so I don't know why people need to say that. Also it's not like I'm going to be on the next season of 16 and pregnant. I'm 30, married, and employed. If I were saying, "I'm pregnant again, can I have $100 for provisions" I could see offering up a snarky remark but since Keith and I will are capable parents, that's not the case.

The second most annoying comment: "were you trying?" Again, I don't know why people ask that. I am a married 30 year old woman, I know how babies are made. I have actually answered that way a few times, usually the person just stares at me. No, we weren't taking my temperature every day and praying to a voodoo doll. Yes, apparently there was a day a few months ago where we both weren't completely exhausted and at least one of us had probably showered and Jackson must have been asleep and there probably wasn't a new episode of Swamp People on and we made a baby. Maybe I should get that printed on a shirt so people wouldn't have to ask.

I also find it interesting when people say "what are you going to do with two under two?" Tie one up in the closet. What do you think we're going to do? We're going to be busy but we're going to manage. This goes right along with "you know it's going to be hard having two in diapers." Yes, I do know that but lots of people do it so I think I can manage.

Not as irritating but still worth mentioning "how much is daycare going to cost?" I don't really mind answering this because you could call Jackson's daycare and ask for the rates. It is going to cost $1800 a month approximately. Usually this answer is followed by some sort of loud exhale and a follow up "why don't you just stay home." Because I don't want to, because I make more than $1800 a month, because it's not what Keith and I have decided. Maybe the next time someone has me over for dinner I should ask their mortgage payment and how much they paid for the food we are eating...

Thanks for listening to my rants and when I run into you just say congrats and DON'T rub my belly (but that's another post)...

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