Tuesday, July 3, 2012


On June 16 we headed out for a family vacation to Indian Pass, Florida. Our good friends, the Beachums, went with us. The 6 hour trip took us close to 8 hours. Keith decided that traveling with a baby, a pregnant lady, and a 7-year old was not the fastest way to get anywhere! We had a great week of relaxation and got out of there just before the tropical storm moved in. Jackson really enjoyed the sand but was not a hug fan of the water. We also learned that he hates canoeing. That was a disaster trip, he ended up laying in the bottom of the canoe and crying.

Red Snapper

Dancing in the breeze

Playing hide and seek

His favorite part of the beach

snuggling with Mama

waving to the Beachums

Our traveling buddies

Sand is so fun

Waves are not as fun

His preferred way to be in the water
playing in the hose

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