Tuesday, June 5, 2012

how boring is this blog? sorry...

I always think of these funny, witty things to post about and then I decide I would rather nap than blog, so my poor old blog is pretty lame. Sorry, to anyone who still reads it.

I'm out of work for the summer so Jackson and I are having some fun. We started swim lessons yesterday. He loves the water and did a good job at the first lesson. Today he was tired and about 10 minutes before class ended he just hung on to me like a baby monkey. We got out of the pool a little early and came home for lunch and a nap. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I wish I had some pictures to post but I can't manage a camera and a baby in the pool.

Baby #2 is growing well and I can feel his movements now. I'm pretty sure his name is Hudson, his daddy still needs some convincing though. I might just start ordering personalized things that say Hudson and Keith won't want to have wasted the money so he'll just call him Hudson out of frugality. I think Hudson and Jackson go together well and both sound like strong, successful men.

With this pregnancy I have only gained 12 pounds so far. I think I had gained about 400 by this time with Jackson so I'm ahead of the curve. I haven't felt nearly as sick, maybe just because I don't have time to feel as bad. I did rely heavily on Zofran for a few weeks, but not nearly as much throwing up as with Jackson. Maybe I'll make it out of this pregnancy gaining under 50 pounds!

I'll try to do more posts, I have some fun pictures with some new toys and whole list of things that annoy me. Stay tuned...

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