Thursday, September 3, 2009

recent annoyances

I haven't blogged in a while, but here are some rants I've been saving up.

Last weekend I decided to meet a few fellow 3 Day walkers to train. We decided to walk 14 miles at a park nearby. We were about 11 miles in when it looked like rain was moving in. In about 3 minutes it went from a little cloudy to a light sprinkle to a typhoon-like downpour. We took a short cut, through the woods, and made it back to the car 1.6 miles later. We were drenched from head to toe. Luckily I had some plastic table cloths in the car from my bake sale the day before so we put them over the seats to protect them. It was raining so hard on the way home I couldn't see the road! The funniest part was that as we were driving, my friend and I wondered why neither of our husbands had called to check on us......

Recently a case of swine flu has been reported at my school and several others in the county. So naturally everyone is swine flu crazy. The slightest cough gets attention now. So today all of the cafeteria workers are wearing masks. Then someone told me that the front office staff was also wearing them. Now if it is really that much of a threat, why don't teachers have masks?

The biggest rant is about a shopping experience. I want a new bedroom set desperately. My frugal husband has been saying we can't get it until ours breaks. This furniture is so old and ugly, but luckily it is solid wood so it WILL NOT break! Finally after months of wishing the bed started to squeak a little. Keith fixed it. But then it started again. It eventually got so bad that each time either of us moved at all it was like an orchestra playing. So I went online and found a set I really like. I went to the actual store to see if they had what I had seen online so I could check it out. I told them that I wanted a king size bed with storage under it. I want the extra storage because I am so tired of things not being put away. Anyway, I digress, so I am asking the man to help me find it and he asks me to pull it up online. I found the set but it didn't have the storage under it. This other man came over and was behind me, looking over my shoulder, and says "unless you want kids' furniture, adult beds don't have storage under them". I was PISSED. I replied "I'm not stupid, there are sets with storage under them" and then I pointed out one online. I came home and realized that the bed and the storage were actually sold separately. Of course I emailed the store and told them how rude the salesman was and that if they didn't need business I'm sure another store did.

I think that is all of my rage for now. :)


  1. Wait..I totally want a new bed too. Because ours squeaks. Alan tried to fix it....and he claimed he would ruin it by screwing screws in the bed...I said...try it. He did. It still squeaks. I'm pissed.

  2. I good rant is very therapeutic sometimes. Blogs are great for that and I hope you feel better!
    Also, I can empathize with the "frugal" husband situation. I hope you get the bed you want :)