Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two days, 3 autographs, 0 cupcakes, and 1 broken ankle

This weekend I went to Washington DC with Melissa for the National Book Festival. Despite rain and inappropriate footwear, a good time was had by all. Friday night Melissa and I met the first of our crazy cab drivers. He told us how Dan Brown was going to be there and about the low prices of books in the book sales tent. We could not shut our big mouths once we got to the hotel and we talked, in the dark because we swore we were going to sleep, until about 2 am. The alarm went off at 8 and we immediately knew that we should have gone to sleep earlier. So we got up, got dressed, grabbed our Luna bars and headed out. We arrived at the book festival 2 hours early and realized we had forgotten our umbrellas. So I got in line and Melissa went to get them. I quickly met a new friend and we chatted until David Shannon and John Scieszka.
Now we were both beside ourselves to meet Mo Willems but his line was growing longer by the minute as we waited in the first line. Luckily our new friend's husband was sitting in his chair in the front of Mo's line, so we pretended to be their daughters and hopped right in the front of the line! So our dreams came true and we met the one and only............

After we met Mo and got our books signed we were pretty hungry so we set out, the blind leading the blind, to find lunch. Neither of us being shy, we decided to ask a lady who seemed local where to eat. She pointed us to Elephant and Castle and we had a delicious lunch. We then headed back to hear the authors speak.
We heard from Megan McDonald, author of the Judy Moody series

We also found out exactly how crazy Stephen Kellogg is. Please notice that his tie is backwards and upside down, his pants are wrinkled and dirty, and his hair has cowlicks. We were sitting in the second row and trying very hard not to laugh.
We saw the author and illustrator of the Spiderwick Chronicles. They were hilarious and made me want to read the books.

The moment we had waited for, and shamefully run over some children for, had arrived. We got to Mr. Mo Willems himself read from his books. It was incredible.

Firefox just crashed and deleted the rest of my post so more to come tomorrow..............

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