Sunday, December 12, 2010

Something came over me today

People have been asking me if I'm nesting. I have to admit that I literally HATE housework. If I were rich I would throw out dishes and clothes and buy new ones instead of clean them. I don't like my house to be dirty so I do clean it, but I hate every minute of it. I hear people say that they like to clean and step back and look at it, not me. As soon as I'm done I just think, "and I get to do it all again next week".

Now back to the point, I think I am in the baking mood instead of the cleaning mood. Today is Keith's birthday so I made homemade pancakes (ie not with Bisquick) and sausage for breakfast. Then I made his cake- four layers of chocolate cake with raspberry mousse between topped with chocolate ganache. I made him this cake last year or the year before and it was delicious but not beautiful. Again it is not beautiful. I guess I don't work slowly or patiently enough to get the mousse even between each layer so it ends up not being level on top with mousse leaking out the sides. But since it's just family coming to eat it, I guess it's okay.

The next project to tackle was some kind of treat to put in a box that all of the first grade teachers are making to give to our office, custodians, etc. This is how I know I'm crazy. Instead of saying, "I'm 37 weeks pregnant, I'll make chocolate chip cookies." I said, "I'll make mini cupcakes". Granted mini cupcakes with buttercream icing are not that hard to make so here is where the crazy comes in. I decided to make chocolate cakes with peppermint icing. I then decided that the icing had to be striped like a candy cane or a peppermint candy. They turned out cute, but why do I do these things to myself?

Finally after 3 hours in the kitchen I was done. I went to take a shower and noticed that I had swollen feet, ankles, and hands. Luckily after putting my feet up and drinking 2 glasses of water the swelling has gone down and I'm fine. However I already have another baking project lined up for a Christmas Eve party..............

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