Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thanks Melissa

Jackson's chair came in the mail yesterday. On a related note: I hate Babies R Us. They didn't have this chair in the store and you can't use the 20% off coupons online! I was so annoyed. It seems like every time I try to shop there I have some kind of problem. They know that they (almost) have the market cornered for baby stuff so customer service is not a priority.

Okay back to the high chair. I can't believe he can sit in it at 3 months, but since it has a high back he does great. He sits with us at dinner now. Tonight he had his toy frog on his tray along with a plastic lemon and a plastic lime. He was entertained long enough for us to eat :) Thanks Melissa for recommending it!

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  1. He looks soooo adorable! Now its time to venture out to a restaurant if u haven't already! So glad u like it!