Thursday, March 31, 2011

Who I am

I am.....real.

I want... to sell my house and buy a new one.

I have...the most beautiful baby and best husband.

I wish...I didn't have to work and I could stay home with my baby.

I hate...stupidity in all forms.

I fear...cats and birds.

I hear....dogs barking most of the time.

I search...for humor in all of life's moments.

I wonder...what Jackson thinks of the world.

I regret...nothing! Every moment up until now has lead to be who I am and I love my life.

I son more than I thought I could ever love anything.

I ache...only when I wear heels.

I always....try to follow my dad's advice and not sweat the small stuff.

I usually....have dishes in the sink.

I am not...very patient with adults. I have lots of patience with children but not with grown ups.

I a nerd. I'm not a very good dancer so I usually only dance in my house and Keith usually laughs.

I the car all the time. I'm not very good at this either but I put on my Glee CD and sing my heart out.

I never...step on man hole covers.

I sometimes...plan out what I would do if I won the lottery, even though I rarely buy a ticket.

I cry...more now that I'm a mom, but still very rarely.

I am not always...sympathetic. It's just not something I was blessed with and I think I might hurt people's feelings sometimes.

I lose...receipts like it's my job.

I am grateful...for my happy, healthy family.

I need...a dog trainer.

I should...learn to give people a chance. I usually make a decision on whether I like someone within 10 seconds of meeting them. I used to say that I "hated someone until they gave me a reason to like them". I'm better about that now but I still have work to do.

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