Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School's out!

Today was my last day of work until August 1st! I'm so excited to have some fun summer adventures with the littlest Boddie. This weekend we tried out his little splash pool. He was not a huge fan of the cold water but once I put his Bumbo chair in the water he loved it.

He also turned 5 months old on Saturday. He is getting so big. He makes tons of noises now. He has started screaming and squealing like a little monkey and also blowing raspberries. He can roll from back to tummy and vice versa but he prefers not too, I guess he's a lazy boy. He loves TV, it's depressing how much he loves to watch it but I do take advantage of his love with the occasional Baby Einstein to get things done. He still loves his bath and especially loves to drink bath water.

We started solid foods last weekend. He has been eating the cereal really well so I decided to add in a new food this weekend. I tried avocado because my baby food book said it was a good first food. He is not too sure about it but has eaten a little more of it each time I offered it. Since I am a giant nerd, I am super excited to make different baby foods and try them out this summer.

And finally, we are heading to Illinois next week to meet some family and friends that haven't had the chance to meet Jackson yet. 7 hours alone with a baby in a car will be interesting!

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  1. Call me a nerd too then because I am so excited to go to the farm to pick out veggies and fruits to make myself to feed Logan. Good luck with the long car trip!