Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meat Free

Another big event at our house is that we are no longer eating meat. I have several friends who are vegetarian so we have already been eating 2 or 3 meatless dinners per week. We recently watched a documentary called "Forks over Knives" and that helped us decide to go meat free. We are not going to eat meat through the week. We do like to go out on weekend nights so if we see a yummy looking meat free dish, we'll have it. If we don't then we'll eat meat. Weekends are also usually when we go to friends' houses so unless it's already a meat free house, we're not expecting anyone to go out of their way for us.

This decision has nothing to do with morality. I grew up on a farm. I had pet rabbits and watched my dad skin them for dinner, we had chickens that we ate, we had cows and pigs, I learned early that the purpose of these animals was to feed our family and I never felt sad when they died. It just seemed like part of life. My dad always hunted when I was little. It may make me seem mean but truthfully I don't worry myself much over the treatment of farm animals. I also think dogs and cats should live outside, but my husband (and most people) disagree so we have indoor dogs. But that's another rant...

This decision does have everything to do with health. The documentary we watched, as well as other information I have read, warned of the dangers of the Western Diet. We eat far more meat than any other industrialized nation and have far more health problems. I know a lot of people argue that anything in moderation is fine, but I don't think we even know what moderation means anymore.

I'll update in a few months to let everyone know how the (mostly) meat free life is going!

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  1. Wooo HoooO! So excited to see what you guys start fixing throughout the week. I need some ideas!!