Saturday, September 10, 2011

my dream's come true

It's been hectic around the Boddie house. Jackson is a busy little bee now that he can crawl so by the time he's in bed I'm usually too exhausted for blogging. But I have a few minutes so I wanted to share one of the greatest moments in my life: I washed an elephant!

When I was a little girl I saw some kids give an elephant a bath on Sesame Street. The song "splish splash, I was taking a bath" was playing and the kids were using giant deck brooms to clean the elephant. Since that day I have loved elephants and have always wanted to wash one. Since I live in Georgia and not on the African plains I thought that this was a dream that would never be realized, however my husband found a program at the Atlanta Zoo that said "don't miss your chance to bathe an elephant". So for my 30th birthday I became a keeper for a day at the zoo. I got to clean up elephant poop, put out their food, feed an elephant from my hands, hold a canvas while an elephant painted it, and give an elephant a bath. It was a wonderful day. I loved every second of it and when I retire I might become an elephant washer instead of a greeter at Wal Mart.

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